On Tap

Slopeside Pilsner   ABV 5%   IBU 3                                                                                       Brewed: Pacific Western Brewing, BC

A West Coast classic since the eighties. Pilsner is brewed using an ISO-certified, all malt recipe but the standout ingredient is our BC spring water, essential to a great Pilsner brew. Keeping true to the original Czech style that it is based on, this is a crisp, clean, golden lager that has a good malt character but is accented toward the hop with its aroma and dry finish.

Carlsberg    ABV 5%   IBU 3%                                                                                                 Brewed: Denmark

A refreshing and uniquely characterful international premium Pilsner with a malty backbone and balanced bitterness

High Country Kölsch    ABV 4.5%  IBU 10                                                                               Brewed: Mt Begbie, Revelstoke

High Country Kölsch is a pale, mildly hopped beer, which originated in Köln, Germany. It is brewed with authentic Kölschbier yeast. It is the yeast combined with a portion of wheat malt that gives this beer its unique, delicate characteristic flavour.

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc         ABV 5.0%       IBU 7                                                           Brewed: France

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is a premium wheat beer that turns every beer moment in to a sip of French pleasure. Brewed in Alsace, France, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc uses an old Belgian Wit beer recipe, and adds citrus, giving it a fresh fruity flavour.

Honey Brown       ABV 5.2%        IBU 3                                                                                  Brewed: Guelph, Ontario

Our Honey Brown boasts a rich copper colour with a creamy, off-white foam, creating a full-bodied lager with a touch of natural honey and a slightly sweet finish. The distinctive clover honey notes in this fine brew accent the aromas of toasted grain and caramel.

Red Bridge Pale Ale    ABV 5%      IBU 41                                                                               Brewed: Iron Road, Kamloops

Red Bridge Pale Ale is a classic North American style pale ale using Cascade hops from Topp’s Hops in Abbotsford. We use Simpson’s Crystal malt and a Belgian Biscuit malt to balance the hops. There are notes of cracker, biscuit and cereal with the aroma of pine and citrus.

Heroica Red Ale     ABV 5.6%   IBU 40                                                                                     Brewed: Steamworks, Vancouver

This Gold Medal award winning, robust Red Ale has beautiful citrus and pine notes that come from our generous additions of Centennial, Citra & Simcoe hops. It is smooth and velvety in the mouth with the toasted malts giving it a medium body with hints of roasted hazelnut, toffee and caramel malt flavours.

Cahilty Winter Lager     ABV 5%    IBU 3                                                                               Brewed: Pacific Western Brewing

Rich in color and bold in flavor, This Winter Lager is a distinctive 5.0% Red Lager With Caramel notes, Delicate Aroma hops, and a clean, crisp finish. It is brewed with the finest hops, yeast, and 2 row barley, and Pure Spring Water.

IPA                 ABV 6.25%   IBU 78                                                                                             Brewed: Red Collar, Kamloops

A traditional English style IPA using primarily Australian hops. Red Collar IPA is brewed with Kamloops water, Canadian malt, English ale yeast, and a blend of Pacific Northwest hops. Unpasturized, unfiltered and naturally carbonated.

Oat Porter                 ABV 5.5%   IBU 25                                                                                Brewed: Four Winds, Vancouver

4 Winds take on this centuries-old style employing the humble oat to promote a smooth and creamy mouthful while chocolate malts and roasted barley bolster brilliant tones of cocoa and coffee.

Dark Matter             ABV 5.3%        IBU 26                                                                             Brewed: Hoyne, Victoria

The Dark Matter pours a deep chocolate brown colour. This beer smells of a chocolate and nut with a solid malt base and a touch of northwest hops to go with it. The taste starts off very smooth and light then a chocolate flavour starts to take over. This chocolate taste melds into a strong coffee finish that leaves the mouth waiting for more. Hoyne labels this beer as “Definitely not a stout, far from a porter, hardly a brown ale.” While this doesn’t leave a lot of options the taste resembles somewhere between a Brown ale and a Porter but not really either specifically. This beer has great dark flavour but tastes with the ease of a much lighter beer.

Rotating Tap

(EBS) English Special Bitters    ABV 5%       IBU 45                                     Brewed: Iron Road, Kamloops + Three Ranges, Valemount, BC

This “English Special Bitter” is a collaboration between Iron Road Brewing in Kamloops and Three Ranges Brewing in Valemount.
ESB has a nice balance of “bready malt” & hoppy bitterness.