16 Taps of Great Tasting Craft Beer, Cider & Wine

Slopeside Pilsner   ABV 5%   IBU 3                                                                                      Brewed: Pacific Western Brewing, BC

A West Coast classic since the eighties. Pilsner is brewed using an ISO-certified, all malt recipe but the standout ingredient is our BC spring water, essential to a great Pilsner brew. Keeping true to the original Czech style that it is based on, this is a crisp, clean, golden lager that has a good malt character but is accented toward the hop with its aroma and dry finish.

Carlsberg    ABV 5%   IBU 3%                                                                                                Brewed: Denmark

A refreshing and uniquely characterful international premium Pilsner with a malty backbone and balanced bitterness

High Country Kölsch    ABV 4.5%  IBU 10                                                                           Brewed: Mt Begbie, Revelstoke

High Country Kölsch is a pale, mildly hopped beer, which originated in Köln, Germany. It is brewed with authentic Kölschbier yeast. It is the yeast combined with a portion of wheat malt that gives this beer its unique, delicate characteristic flavour.

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc         ABV 5.0%       IBU 7                                                           Brewed: France

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is a premium wheat beer that turns every beer moment in to a sip of French pleasure. Brewed in Alsace, France, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc uses an old Belgian Wit beer recipe, and adds citrus, giving it a fresh fruity flavour.

Honey Brown       ABV 5.2%        IBU 3                                                                                  Brewed: Guelph, Ontario

Our Honey Brown boasts a rich copper colour with a creamy, off-white foam, creating a full-bodied lager with a touch of natural honey and a slightly sweet finish. The distinctive clover honey notes in this fine brew accent the aromas of toasted grain and caramel.

Steamworks Heroica Red Ale                ABV 5.6%   IBU 40                                                                   Brewed: Steamworks, Vancouver

Crimson red in color, medium bodied and feels smooth and velvety on the taste buds.  Flavours of toasted malts, hints of hazelnuts, toffee and caramel.

Iron Road Red Bridge Pale Ale                  ABV 5%    IBU 41                                                              Brewed: Iron Road, Kamloops, BC

This classic North American style Pale Ale has fresh pine and citrus notes.  With its malty backbone, this pale ale has an aromatice, playful and flavourful side.

IPA                                         ABV 6.25%   IBU 78                                                                                           Brewed: Red Collar, Kamloops

A traditional English style IPA using primarily Australian hops. Red Collar IPA is brewed with Kamloops water, Canadian malt, English ale yeast, and a blend of Pacific Northwest hops. Unpasteurized, unfiltered and naturally carbonated.

Sasquatch Stout                                   ABV 5%   IBU 30                                                                     Brewed: Old Yale Brewing, Chilliwack, BC

This award winning “Best Beer” Stout is smooth and black in color.  Flavours of mocha, rich coffee, and roasted barley make this a savoury silky stout.

Three Bears Winter Lager                    ABV 6.5%   IBU 30                                            Brewed: Pacific Western Brewing, Prince George, BC

A True North Canadian Style Lager that is brewed with the finest hops, yeast and 2 row barley.  With caramel notes, delicate hop aromas with a crisp and clean finish.  Rich in color, bold in flavour.

Dark Matter                                        ABV 5.3%        IBU 26                                                                          Brewed: Hoyne, Victoria

The Dark Matter pours a deep chocolate brown colour. This beer smells of a chocolate and nut with a solid malt base and a touch of northwest hops to go with it. The taste starts off very smooth and light then a chocolate flavour starts to take over. This chocolate taste melds into a strong coffee finish that leaves the mouth waiting for more. Hoyne labels this beer as “Definitely not a stout, far from a porter, hardly a brown ale.” While this doesn’t leave a lot of options the taste resembles somewhere between a Brown ale and a Porter but not really either specifically. This beer has great dark flavour but tastes with the ease of a much lighter beer.

Rotating Tap

We feature rotating kegs while supplies last!  Working with our partners, we provide you with refreshing seasonal flavours that deliver a memorable experience for any craft beer enthusiast.