Safety Guidelines

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Our People Protocols have changed to respond to COVID-19.

Our staffing protocols have changed as follows:

– We require staff to declare that they will not come to work if they have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the 10 days prior to their shift. Should staff experience symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to contact Public Health at 8-1-1 and self-isolate if required. to the BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool found here: https://covid19.thrive.health/
– Anyone who is returning to our workplace after traveling must have self-isolated for 14 days while monitoring for symptoms before they can work in our business.
– All staff must wash their hands upon arrival at work at the beginning of each shift and upon return from any breaks
– We have created “pods” of 3-4 staff who work together exclusively to reduce connections and minimize the risk of transmission in our workplace.
– We have posted a Health Resource document to orient our staff to COVID-19
– We are actively monitoring our social media and our guest feedback online and in-person to ensure that we are not experiencing any backlash or negative engagement with customers and managing difficult situations accordingly to assist our staff through this difficult transition.
– Any leftover take-out food must have a container brought to the table for guests to transfer their food

Our customer protocols have changed as follows:

– We have hand sanitizing available for guests and staff when they enter the front door to immediately clean hands
– Parties will be limited to groups of no more than 6
– Guests are required to provide a first name and contact phone prior to being sat at their table
– *FACE MASK* is now required in all indoor spaces. Can be removed once seated at your table.
– Waiting for a table will be outside. Guests will be asked for a number to text that the table is ready
– Customers will be required to wait at the appropriate 2 m distance in all areas where cueing is required.
– Customers collecting or requesting take out will wait in a separate location than dine in
– Signage is posted at the entrance of the restaurant to ensure that no one with symptoms of COVID-19 or who has contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 will enter the restaurant.
We are aware that some guests may not like the new protocols we have instigated and have a staff person assigned to address issues. The point person is Yolanda Dye.

Per the Public Health Order, our capacity has been reduced from
107 to 78 (indoors) and
114 to 48 (outdoor)